Andreas Weigend | Social Data Revolution | Fall 2014
School of Information | University of California at Berkeley | INFO 290A-03

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The course wiki is an important element of the class. In the rapidly changing world of social data, there are no good textbooks that are the result of teaching and tweaking a course over years.
So, every year, the students create collaboratively a snapshot of what we learned. At the beginning of the course, it is quite barren. A good example for what it will grow into during the term is

Please note that the wiki pages are not supposed to be transcripts. {A few days after each class, transcripts will be up anyways through a transcription service.). Also please keep the underlying wiki language clean. Copy paste from Word tends to have many <span…, which makes it quite hard to fix things in wikitext editor.

On October 2, I sent out invitations giving all students registered at that time access to edit to our course wiki. It is truly a colllaborative learning effort that you as well as a few generations fo this approach will learn to apprecieate. And the team that signed up to create the skeleton of the content for the wiki for Class 1 told me that they will have it ready.

Starting Friday, all students are invited to add their ideas, examples etc to the wiki. I will read the page Monday evening before the subsequent class for any particularly good points etc,



This course is part of the offerings for the Masters in Data and Information Scicence. The school partners with 2U for distribution.If you have any cool filming ideas, please tell me about them!


I have continue the tradidtion of socializing our class

Audio is the directory that contains the recordings of this class r
(I've only uploaded the first part as mp3, the italicized URLs are not yet there)


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