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Andreas Weigend | Social Data Revolution | Fall 2014
School of Information | University of California at Berkeley | INFO 290A-03

Copy of key emails to class

Sent Fri Oct 3

From: Andreas Weigend
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2014 15:47
To: ''

Social Data Revolutionaries!
I hope you enjoyed our first class this week! May I ask you to please give me some quick, honest, anonymous feedback on it by completing the following form over the weekend (by Sunday evening)

Thank you. I will ready every remark you send.
Now to the course wiki. I have completed the structure. Right after this email, I will send an email to the exact same list as this email here, inviting you to become editors of the course wiki.
First thing you should do is figure out which topic you are most passionate about, or which week is best for you. Every student needs to sign up for one of the pages (sign up at the bottom). This means that in the 2 days after class, you have to meet with the others during that week, and together to create the scaffolding where others will add their ideas.
There are 8 remaining pages:
1. Social Graph
2. Future of Finance
3. Future of Work
4. Future of Learning
5. Future of Health
6. Future of Travel
7. Future of Data
8. Data Ownership
For each of these topics, 2-3 students need to sign up and be responsible that a basic version of the page is in good shape and up within two days of the corresponding class. So, if you have a preference for a topic or for a specific date, put your name down at the bottom of that page. To make sure we got all classes covered, please do not sign up for a wiki page if there are already 3 people on that page.
The wiki is our refinery for ideas that come up in the context of class. Spend some time finding out what is there, and be a good wikizen, clean things up on your way if you think they are wrong. And explore what you could do with the things that inspire you here. Check out what you find exiting, and maybe contribute one thought in the Ideas page, . And, just to make sure you know that if you think your dog ate the email I sent, I put up relevant emails in the folder “Copy of emails to class.”
Next week focuses on the social graph. We also start discussing its application to payments and finance, a discussion that will continue in the subsequent class on.
For the **Social Graph** part of Class 2:
LinkedIn’s Data Scientist Simon Zheng will share with us some of LinkedIn’s ideas on creating new data products. To make sure we have a well-informed discussion in class, Homework 1 ( has you think about some of the data and algorithms of LinkedIn. HW1 is due Monday at noon. You submit it to the google form at
For the **Finance** part of Class 2:
In the other half of the next class, we’ll discuss the application of social data to ecommerce payment and loan decisions. Affirm CEO and PayPal co-founder Max Levchin will join us (
Please note that there will be no class on October 14. On October 21, Gary Kearns from MasterCard Advisors will discuss how his group (MasterCard Advisors) refines the data of 2 billion cards. I will still be out of town and need a volunteer to help bring me in via skype. Please email me. Thanks!
Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday,
PS: I have uploaded background reading ( for Class 1 that I had emailed to the initial class list. (It is a blog post on data refineries and some thoughts on the future of commerce). Not required, but I hope it still is interesting to you. Both the blog post and the paper give more examples of data refineries helping consumers with their decisions. I will set aside a few minutes at the beginning of Class 2 for you to discuss what you think about the two papers (good / bad / surprising / missing) and anything related to Social Data and Commerce you want to share with class.

Sent Mon Oct 27

From: Andreas Weigend
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 23:48
To: ''

Social Data Revolutionaries!
Very excited about tomorrow: Future of Work!!
1. In the first part of class, we’ll talk about labor marketplaces, decomposing work into its atoms, etc. The example we’ll use is Elance-oDesk. What would you do if you had the data for what 2 million businesses need, and what 8 million freelancers have to offer? Every second, a new job is posted there, and a quarter of them are filled within a day.
To make it more real for you, I got each of you USD 100 of oDesk credit, and Raven already uploaded the next homework If you have time before class, take a peek and bring your questions to class.
2. In the second part of class, we’ll discuss Sociometrics. I changed the topic from the initially planned Future of Learning to this topic since Sociometrics is much richer from a data science perspective. What would you do if you had all the data about the interactions people have at work? Taemie Kim will describe what she did in her PhD thesis on trust and collaboration based on the data from the badges they build at MIT’s Media Lab.
Please note that we still need 2-3 students to create the initial class page for the second part: Sign up on
And as always, there are some six slots for students for dinner after class. I am thinking of taking you to Nefeli Café (1854 Euclid Ave) since Pana and Ioannis are from Greece and can show us what to order 
PS: Office hours as always before class (2-3pm), South Hall Room 302. Swing by! And if you are not free then, email me any thoughts you have on how things are going.